Brandon Bryant

Professional Dancer

I’m Brandon Bryant, 25 and from Miami,FL. I’m an easy going guy who goes with the flow and enjoys having a good time with friends, Laughing and just living life! I’ve been dancing since the age of 9 and haven’t stop moving since then. I started in a Hip Hop Kidz troupe and then from there I attended a professional dance school where I then learned many other styles of dance.

Dancer Info:

I can do...: HIP hop, Jazz, Jazz Funk, Contemporary, Modern, Ballet, African, Russian Folk, Bollywood, Disco, hoUSE, and a new style I like to say I’ve developed, Contempop!
Teaching Philosophy: Music and passion Motivates me to dance. I frankly can’t see my self doing anything else but dance. Dance lets me express myself the way i want when I want and that's what I love most about it
My saying I love is: “A great dancer is an observant one.” Well that and, “One and Done.” - Do it once perfect and you won’t have to do it again
Fun Fact: I can shake my eye balls really fast
Current / Upcoming Projects: I’m currently working on Britney Spears ‘Piece of Me” Vegas show which actually was my dream job. It was the reason I started dancing and to be living that now it makes me believe, if you work hard and never give up, Dreams really do come true
Dream Dance Job: What I'm currently doing.
Favorite Part About Teaching For Excel: Favorite part about Excel Besides the amazing staff, faculty, and kids, would have to be the Saturday night showcase!
Anything Else? Big things are coming in the future and hopefully everyone can be apart of it stay tuned!!

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