Excel in Motion Honors Society

Rewarding Students


Excel in Motion values dance education above all. We believe it is all about what each student can gain from their weekends with us. We want to reward students for working hard and for getting the most out of their time at Excel in Motion, so we have created the EiM Honors Society. The Honors Society highlights students for their work ethic and talent. We reward students with recognition and/or scholarships all without the need for numbers, auditions, or pressure. All students are eligible for the EiM Honors Society at no extra cost.


Honor Roll Dancers

  • All teachers select 5-10 EiM Honors Students from each leveled class at the end of class
  • Students submit their name and studio at the DJ booth directly following their class
  • Students must be in the same level for the entire convention to be recognized as an Honoree in their level
  • Honor Roll Students receive a certificate of recognition when selected

High Honor Scholarship Winners

  • Same conditions as the Honor Roll Dancers
  • The Top 5% of Honor Roll Dancers in each class win Scholarships for the Excel Tour (some full, some partial)
  • Scholarship Winners are announced on Excel's website and Facebook Page after the event

Elite Dancers

  • Dancers are Excel Tour Assistants who earn their spot through the dance competition
  • Elite Dancers are eligible for honor roll status in the Advanced/Professional room but cannot "take" a spot from other students taking class

High Honors Studio

3 or more students selected from your studio ranks you a HIGH HONORS STUDIO! Official Certificates will be awarded at the Closing Ceremony, and your studio will be announced on the Excel Website and Facebook Page!