Elite Dancers

What is an Elite Dancer?

The Elite Dancer Program was developed to help encourage a working relationship between highly sought-after professional dancers and students interested in pursuing dance as an adult. Some perks of being an Elite Dancer are:
o Opportunity to assist Faculty at select Excel in Motion Dance Conventions
o Work one on one with Faculty to learn combinations before classes
o Take discounted convention classes when not assisting
o Elite Dancers are featured on the Excel in Motion Website
o Develop a network with professionals in the industry
o Have the chance to travel and assist on the Nation-wide tour

How Do I Become an Elite Dancer?

By competing at Excel in Motion’s dance competition, or Elite Performance Challenge’s dance competition, you have the chance to become an Elite Dancer and assist Master Teachers. The top 3 Junior and Senior Soloists from each EPC and Excel regional competition are extended an invitation to become an Elite Dancer. In order to qualify for the program students must be at least 13 years of age, earn an Elite Platinum ranking, and must compete in a group dance (small group or larger) that is affiliated with a studio.

Visit Elite Performance Challenge for details on the 2023 season where you can compete to qualify as an Elite Dancer, or contact us at (508)647-1000 or info@excelinmotion.com for more information!

2023 Elite Dancers

Dylian Arnold
Taelyn Albrecht
Alec Belcher
Grace Bingeman
Paige Bordeau
Abigail Fortier
Makenzie Brinkley
Charlee Brockett
Olivia Christopher
Juliet Clark
Annabella Colon
Amanda Tarr
Kelsey Conant
Aiden Fortier
Amelia Gonzales
Ariella Varano
Ellen Muldowney
Ava Sweeney
Emily Rickis
Sofia Gonzales
Gabrielle Lazor
Miranda Powell
Hannah Davidson
Olivia Montemayor
Bayleigh Klein
Ali Falotico
Jasmine Teng
Jada Coughlin
Natalie Hall
Lance Lemon
Addison Scully
Jillian D'Amico
Jessie Sterling
Juliana Gorman
Logan Flanagan
Libby Windley
Kylee Barnes
Madison Oh
Kayla Perkins
Kaylin Salvatici
Megan Crosby
Morgan Hilton
Peyton Engstrom
Nicole Yu
Lilly Stanley
Peyton Hikade
Julia Mastrostefano
Jordyn Therlault
Natalia Yun
Ava Pasquantonio
Dylan Stukenberg
Kaitlyn Du
Maeve Jones
Ella Gill
Mia Ralph
Brooklyn O'Connor
Kaylee Deenihan
Samantha Mastrostefano
Lily Smith
Emily Fusco
Allie Besing