General Information

for Competition

  • Students competing at an Excel in Motion event must also be registered for at least one day of convention classes at that same event.
  • Excel in Motion has done their best to create a schedule that avoids performance time conflicts. Everyone is expected to perform at their scheduled time so there are no scheduling problems for others. However, if there is an issue with any of your performers, please bring it to the attention of the registration desk as soon as possible.
  • Digital uploads are our preferred method for music collection. If you have a CD or flash drive, please be sure to turn your music in at the start of the event. Discs and/or files must be labeled with the contestant number and the name of the routine. Music can be picked up as soon as the performance is finished.
  • Do not line up until 2-3 acts before your own in order to avoid crowding near the stage.
  • For the safety of our dancers, videotaping and flash photography are prohibited during performances.
  • Please do not save seats. Many audience members are only in the auditorium to see their child’s performance so please extend each other the same courtesy you would like others to extend to you. Do not sit in or block any of the aisles in the auditorium.
  • Groups are allowed on stage during the awards ceremony, but please choose only one person to stand and accept the award from the awards table.
  • Please do not leave trash or belongings behind when you leave. We choose fantastic facilities to hold our events and we'd like to be able to return year after year.
  • Excel in Motion is not responsible for any lost or stolen property.
  • Excel in Motion reserves the right to run a 1, 2, 3 or 4 day competition depending on registration.
  • By entering in an Excel in Motion competition, participants are accepting physical risks. Competitors and spectators may not hold Excel in Motion or the hosting facility responsible for any and all injuries that may occur during this event. Participants are responsible for the health and accident insurance and any medical costs incurred due to injury including, but not limited to, emergency medical transportation and treatment if the need arises.
Excel in Motion thanks you in advance for adhering to our guidelines and helping to provide a safe competition for all participants!