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Inspiring Students to Excel

Excel in Motion is a dance competition & convention event that brings you the most talented artists currently working in the industry in hopes of encouraging and inspiring young dancers! You can find Excel's faculty anywhere from dancing on the Oscars, backing up the world's biggest pop stars, choreographing for television and film, performing on or choreographing for Broadway, and winning the hearts of America on "So You Think You Can Dance".

We are here to help students grow as people, performers, and dancers. Our hope is to give an educational dance experience, where everyone walks away from the weekend feeling energized and inspired by new movement. Each one of our dedicated faculty brings their own teaching philosophy and flare - a combination of talent and energy that has a little something for everyone. Offering ten classes taught by all Excel faculty members, at 3 different experience levels, we are sure that our events will be memorable for all dancers, teachers and parents. Dance styles include: jazz, tap, contemporary, lyrical, musical theater, tap, animation, and hip hop. Even if dancers have never taken one of these styles of dance before, we encourage everyone to try new things!

We hope to foster the passion of dancers everywhere and encourage young performing artists to Excel!

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  • 4 Registration Levels
  • Organized
  • On-Time
  • Faculty Autograph Sessions
  • Star-Studded Exhibition Show
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  • Challenging
  • Awesome Faculty
  • Observer Bands Available
  • Free Teacher with 10 Students

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Excel in Motion
Inspiring Students To Excel!

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