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  • At what age can a dancer participate?

    Participants have a suggested age of 7 years on or before the convention date. Students should enroll in the corresponding level of their age and/or ability. Any age can sign up at a teacher's/parent's discretion in any level, but our recommendations are on the "Age/Ability" Tab under "Convention".
  • What time does Excel check-in open?

    Your registration can be picked up by your studio owner on Friday. If you’re registered as an independent, you may pick up your information before you compete on Friday or Saturday morning before the convention starts. See your cities exact schedule for more information.
  • What is an Elite Dancer (Excel teacher assistant)?

    Elite Dancers are the top teen and senior soloists from Excel in Motion’s competition and Elite Performance Challenge. These competitors must have earned an Elite Platinum rating and participated in a group dance. Visit for their tour details.
  • How do I become at Elite Dancer?

    Click here to get more information on becoming an Elite Dancer Contact our Sales Representative, Che for more information (508)523-4027 or call our main office at (508)647-1000.
  • Why is the Beginner Level a different price?

    Most kids ages 7-9 can only make it through a half day of classes. For that reason, we have created the Beginner Level so that they only take the first three classes of each day of the convention. If your child would like to participate for the whole day, please register under Intermediate.
  • What if my Newbie wants to change into the full day program?

    A: No, problem. Please talk to the registration desk before the third class on Saturday and pay the difference for the full day program. They will not participate in the Closing Ceremony Performance if they chose to move into the full day program.

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